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We provide swing set Installation ,Playset Installer, Swingset Installer NJ NY, 50 miles radius of 07032 for service.
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  • Free information/Free advice ALWAYS.
  • Over 3000 swing sets installed( To date) 
  • Swing set installation  is all we do.     
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Fully Insured. Fully registered business.
  • Family owned /Operated(NEVER CONTRACTORS)
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"...the quality of the work was outstanding...actually more than required by the manufacturer. The price I was quoted was the price I paid"  N.A - NJ

"...A friend referred this site to me, and it was one of my best customer service experiences. The man I spoke to on the phone (Dan) is very polite, extremely professional, and very helpful...F.C NJ
                                           Hi, my name is Dan and thank you for visiting my website!

Why would you  waste your precious time trying to figure  out how to put together  a swing set ? Did you know that, on average, inside the swing set boxes there are more than a thousand screws, hundreds of bolts and nuts , at least a 80 page instructions booklet and absolutely no tools whatsoever? Many wooden parts do not come labeled and figuring them out could be a painstaking process.   The average time to build a swing set for the first time is 2-3 days, that is  if you have all the right tools. I personally have witnessed people take weeks only to  have the unit  half way done . It's not impossible for you to build your own swing set, but what could be a   fun installation can suddenly turn into  a nightmare. Before you even think about opening your box kit set,  please consider hiring my services. Your swing set will be installed correctly and safely . I will personally come to your house with my  helpers and  with all the necessary and  best tools available in the market. I absolutely do not send subcontractors ,which means there’s no third parties involved. When you call,  you will be taking to me, Dan the swing set man. When it comes to any outdoor wooden playsets,  I am very  knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and have the experience you're looking for( please read my reviews). I  know everything about swingsets,from Costco, Walmarts, Bj's, Sam's Club,Amazon, The Home Depot,  all the different models, size and shapes. I can help you find and choose the right one for you and  your family at the best price. Take a look around my website, watch my videos, sit back and relax . You've probably  spent countless hours looking for the ideal swing set for your kids, but you just found the swing set installer you're looking for.   Let me help you with the assembly of your backyard wood gym set.  Save time, money, headache and specially your back! Keep  your energy to play with your kids after your swing set is fully, safely assembled.Take no risk and have peace of mind because  your kids deserve the best!  Thank you for your time- Dan
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Areas of Services in NJ : Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, OceanPassaic, Union.
NY:  Staten Island. Rockland County


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"Swing set Assembly Services since 2001"
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I assembled  this swing set in 2007( 2007 Costco Sunray made by Rainbow) .  I came back  recently to do minor check up and re-stain service. The playset  was still the same  level, plumb,sturdy and safe for kids to use. Years of intense  use and its structure was solid as when it was first built. Drive around your neighborhood, and you may find a swing set that is leaning, all crooked or  all wobbly, that's because the set was never installed properly in the first place. When a swing set is originally installed ,safety and quality workmanship should be taken into account. And this is what I do for all my customers,so there's no need to worry, even years down the road. If you have young children, you need to make sure your swing set can last a long time.  Hiring the right person to install your swing set is just as important as the choice of your outdoor play unit. Quality service really counts.  Build it right the first time!
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*All Swing sets are guaranteed by our company to be as level as possible.
* One Year worry-free workmanship warranty.
* We are an independent company not associated with any store  or manufacturer.
* A deposit is required to reserve a date for any services. The deposit is non refundable in case of a cancellation of any reason.
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Below is an exemple of  exactly  what happens when you hire unreliable, inexperienced, irresponsible installation company that will send just about anybody to install your swing set.  The customer thought that buying a swing set with installation included or hiring a company that subcontracts their work would be a great deal. It's just not that simple! Do not hire a company that sends  subcontractors.  That's why it's better for you to buy a swing set, have it delivered to you house and contact  me (directly) with  no third parties involved. If there's   an issue...I can solve it.
I found this review at a very well known website.  

"Location: NJ -     Pros: quality products -       Cons:  installation service"

  • "...We were not aware that the actual installer was subcontracted by the installation company, and HAD NO IDEA how to put the thing together. We were told it would be about 4-5 hours, however this was not the case. After about 15 hours the installer felt he had it all together, Unable to see what was done (since they finished  in the dark) I reviewed everything in the morning and found several issues.
  • #1 they did NOT clean up after themselvesPackages from tool bits (guess they had to even buy tools) were on the ground as well as cigarette butts, extra bolts, manufacturers plaque and cardboard from the packaging.
  • #2 they installed broken pieces – several pieces were chipped, cracked and 1 main beam was split straight through (don’t know if they over-tightened or what) – the plastic slide was scuffed up and very rough/sharp spots at top end. – screw points from the slide mounts protrude thru the bottom and are sticking out under the slide.
  • #3 they installed parts backwards.
  • #4 they didn’t know which way to put the bolts in, so they just drilled out the wood and made the bolts fit where they wanted. Some bolts face in and some they drilled to face out. They used washers to fill space where the bolts were backwards.
  • I complained to the manufacturer thet  put me in touch with the “installation company” who then forwarded me to the “local branch”. The local branch said someone will come by the following week to review the problems. After about 3 weeks I heard NOTHING and complained again…. They set up an appointment, for a few days later, and the “branch assistant manager” came to review the work. He agreed that the work wasn’t exceptional and that there were damaged pieces installed, and some bolts were installed incorrectly and pieces in backwards etc.. he offered to replace all the damaged and incorrect parts. And said that he will have them in 1-2 weeks and will SEND BACK THE SAME GUY to install them! I refused! I don’t want him to install it all wrong again! So he offered to send someone else. That was the first week of JUNE! Haven’t heard a thing since…( this was done in April)
  • Today I was able to contact the “Installation company main office” and they advised me that this will all be resolved.
  • I PAID for installation because I thought a professional who was experienced would be installing the product. The manufacturer assured me that all of the installers are trained, but that was not the case..."

​A $100 deposit is required to book an appointment.
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Stain/ wood sealer service AVAILABLE AROUND JULY.
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We're currently offering installs on selected models from these manufacturers only : 
  • Kidkraft( Cedar Summit)All models 
  • Gorilla Playsets (all models)
  • Backyard Discovery( small/median sizes models only)

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